Exfoliating Bath Cloth

  • $17.00

Our authentic Exfoliating African Bath Sponge is imported from Ghana. It has been used for centuries in Africa, and is very popular today. It lathers nicely, exfoliates amazingly, rinses easily, and dries quickly, reducing bacteria and odours, and making it a perfect travel cloth as well.  This is a netted sponge, and can be used the same way you use your washcloth. Our sponges have the added benefit of exfoliating your skin; removing the outer layer of dead skin cells that causes your skin to look dull, dry, and flaky and allows healthy, new skin cells to flourish, leaving your skin soft, healthy, and rejuvenated. The sponges last for years and we have an array of colors. While supplys last

What you'll get:

About a 90cm x 30cm of cloth ( +/-)

A Sample of Shae butter (while supplies last)


Pour small amount of your liquid body wash onto sponge. Work up a lather. And scrub away.

Use 3 days a week or every other day depending on your comfort level